A white elephant (ব্যয়সাধ্য): His new car is a white elephant for him. (Com-09) 
A black sheep (কুলাঙ্গার): He is the black sheep of the family. (Dha-09, 11; Ctg-10)
Above all (মোটের উপর/ প্রধানত): He is above all a poet. (Raj-09)
A bone of contention (বিবাদের বিষয়): This land is a bone of contention between two brothers. (J-11)
A man of letters (বিদ্বান লোক): Mr. Hakim was a man of letters. (Ctg-11)
A maiden speech (প্রথম বক্ততা): His maiden speech charmed us all. (Raj-11, Raj-11)
Achilles’ heel (দূর্বল স্থান): Your delay in decision making may be an Achilles’ heel to your rivals. (B-10)
All on a sudden (হঠাৎ): All on a sudden they saw a bear. (B-10)
Adhere to (লেগে থাকা): You must adhere to your principle. (Raj-11)
Apple of discord (বিবাদের বিষয় ): The land is the apple of discord between the two brothers. (Din-10, Dh-11)
As a result (ফলে): He could not prosper in life as a result of his laziness. (Dh-11)
Apple of one’s eye (চোখের মনি): The only son of the woman is the apple of her eyes. (Ctg-11)
Ask for: He asked me for a pen. (B-11)
As far as (পর্যন্ত): I shall help my friend as far as I can. (Raj-11)
As well as (এবং): Rubel as well as Rasel attended the party.
At the sight of (দর্শনে): Father became very happy at the sight of his children. (Bari-09, Ctg-10)
At sixes and sevens (এলোমেলোভাবে): The books are lying on the table at sixes and sevens. (Din-10, Dh-11)
At a stretch (একটানা): I can read three novels at a stretch. (Din-11)
At stake (বিপদাপন্ন): His life is at stake now. (Dh-10)
At length (অবশেষে): He agreed with me at length. (Dh-10, Ctg-11)
At a glance (এক নজরে ): He looked at the room at a glance. (Din-09)
At random (উদ্দেশ্য ): He talks at random. (J-10)
At present (বর্তমানে ): At present we are living in the age of science. (Jess-09)

Bad blood: I have no bad blood with anybody. (Din-11)
Beggar description : His sufferings beggar description. (J.-10, Ctg-10, Dh-11, Syl-11)
Beat about the bush : Stop beating about the bush and tell me what you want.(Bari-09)
Beyond one’s means: To achieve GPA-5 is beyond his means. (J-11)
Beyond all doubt/ Beyond doubt: Beyond all doubt he is an honest man. (Raj-11)
Big guns : He is one of the big guns of our locality. (Ctg-11)
Black and blue:The thief was beaten black and blue. (Bari-09, 11)
Blue blood: He is proud of his blue blood. (Din-10, Com-11)
Bring to book: He was brought to book for his misconduct. (Dh-10)
Burning question: Price hike is a burning question of the time. (Jess-09)
By dint of : He stood first in the examination by dint of hard labour. (Din-10)
By all means : I shall help you by all means. (Com-10)
By means of: He got GPA 5 by means of his hard labour. (Raj-09, Com-11)
By hook or by crook : I shall achieve GPA-5 by hook or by crook. (Ctg-09)

Catch sight of : She caught sight of me. (Ctg-11)
Cut out : He has cut out coffee from the menu. (Jess-09)
Come round : You will come round soon. (Ctg-11)
Chicken hearted (হিনমনা): He is a chicken-hearted man. (Din-10)
Cope with (পেড়ে ওঠা): I cannot cope with Shafiq in cricket. (B-10)
Cold war: A cold war is going on between the two brothers. (B-10)

Dead against (ঘোড় বিরোধী): He is dead against politics. (Com-11)
Dead language : Sanskrit is now a dead language. (Raj-11)
Die out : Many old customs are dying out. (Dh-10)

End in smoke : His efforts ended in smoke. (Dha-09, Com-11)
Every nook and corner : I searched every nook and corner to find out the lost bag. ( Syl-11)

Far and wide : His fame spread far and wide. (Jess-09, Ctg. 10)
Far and near : His fame spread far and near. (Dh-10)
Far-fetched : The poet has used far-fetched images in his poem. (B-11)
Flesh and blood: No flesh and blood can tolerate it. (Com-09)
For the purpose of : I went there for the purpose of meeting him. (Dha-09)
For the sake of : We should do something for the sake of the country. (Din-09, Raj-10)
For good (চিরতরে): He left the country for good. (Com-10, Jes-10, Din-11)
From time immemorial: Man has been living in socity from time immemorial. (Dha-09)

Gala day (উৎসবমুখর দিন): Pahela Baishakh is a gala day. (Com-09)
Get by heart (মুখস্থ করা): Get the poem by heart. (Ctg-11)
Give away: He gave away all his properties. (Com-11, Syl-11)
Go through : Please go through the whole book. (Com-10)
Golden age: This is the golden age of science. (Dh-10)
Good for nothing : He is good for nothing. (Din-09)

Hanker after: We should not hanker after money. (B-11)
Hard time : He is passing a hard time. (Dha-09)
Hard and fast : I don’t like hard and fast rule. (Bari-09)
Heart and soul : Try heart and soul to do better in the examination. (Raj-10)
Hue and cry: They raised a hue and cry at the sight of a thief. (J-10, B-11)

In the guise of : He came to me in the guise of a king. (Dha-09)
In the long run: Honesty is rewarded in the long run. (Raj-09, Din-09, Ctg-10)
Instead of : He took biology in instead of computer science. (Com-09)
In the event of : You should try again and again in the event of an accident. (Jess-09)
In order to : I went to New Market in order to buy a bag. (Ctg-09)
Ins and outs : I know the ins and outs of the matter. (Com-10)
In spite of : In spite of working hard, he could not pass in the exam. (Din-09)
In cold blood: He killed the man in cold blood. (Raj-10)
In front of: He did the work in front of me. (Din-10)
In the least : I am not in the least hungry. (J-11)
In full swing : Our classes are going on in full swing. ( Syl-11)
In lieu of : He took biology in lieu of computer science. (Din-11)

Jump at an offer : He jumped at the offer of money. (Dh-10)

Keep pace with: We must keep pace with the modern age. (Raj-10)
Keep body and soul together : He earns hardly enough to keep body and soul together. (J-11)
Kick off: He kicked off the ball. (Syl-11)

Look down upon : Don’t look down upon the poor. (Dh-11, Raj-10)
Look forward to : We look forward to meeting him. (Raj-10)
Lean against : He leaned against the wall. (J-11)

Make fun of : Don’t make of with everything. (Jess-09)
Make up : He has made up his mind to go abroad. (Raj-11)
Make up one’s mind: I made up my mind to go there. (J-10)

Nip in the bud : All his hopes were nipped in the bud. (Raj-09, Com-11)
Null and void : This law is null and void now. (Din-11)

On the sly: He is moving on the sly. (Com-09, Raj-09)
On the eve of: We were present on the eve of his departure. (Raj-09)
On the whole : His behavior is well on the whole. (Jess-09)
Once in a blue moon: He comes here once in a blue moon. (J-10)
Out and out : He is out and out a wicked man. (B-10)
Once for all : He left home once for all. (Ctg-10)
Of one’s own accord: He did it of his own accord. (J-11, B-11)
On the instant : He did the sum on the instant. (J-11)
Out and out: He is out and out a wicked man. ( Syl-11)

Put up with: I cannot put up with such an insult. (Ctg-09)
Part and parcel: News paper is a part and parcel of our education. (B-10)
Put down: Put down what I say. ( Syl-11)

Storm in a tea pot : Some people raise a storm in a tea pot. (Dha-09, Raj-10)
Skim through : Sometimes we skim through the books. (Com-09)
So that : We eat so that we can live. (Ctg-09)

To and fro : The boys are walking to and fro. (Com-09, Din-09)
Take after : Sumi takes after her mother. (Raj-09, Com-11, Din-11)
The Lion’s share (‡ewki fvM Ask): Mr. Rahman owns the lion’s share of the company. (Bari-09)
Throw dust in one’s eyes: A clever man always throws dust in a fool’s eyes. (Bari-09)
To Catch sight of : She caught sight of me. (Com-10)
To Give up: Give up your bad habit. (Com-10)
Then and there: He did the work then and there. (B-11)

Ups and downs (DÌvb cZb): Life is full of ups and downs. (Ctg-09, Raj-11)
Well off : Mr Kalam is not well off. (Bari-09, Ctg-09)



On the contrary : He never helped me. On the contrary, he always tried to cause trouble to me.
An open secret : That they are corrupted is an open secret.
In the mean time : I have invited all my friends. In the mean time I have made all the arrangements.
In the event of : In the event of a major quake the buildings of Dhaka city will be destroyed.
As soon as : As soon as I reached the station, the rain started.
In front of : There is a flower garden in front of our college.
As though : She proceeded as though I had not spoken.

Win over : She is against the idea but I am sure I can win her over.
Let the cat out of bag : I wanted it to be a surprise, but my sister let the cat out of the bag.
On the sly : I met my friend on the sly.
An irony of fate : It was an irony of fate that the Titanic sank on her first voyage.
Give vent to : She gave full vent to her feelings in a violent outburst.
In a nut-shell : Tell me the story in a nut-shell.
Of one’s own accord : He accepted the proposal of his own accord.

Good for nothing : He can’t do any work perfectly. Infact, he is good for nothing.
End in smoke : All his attempts ended in smoke.
Bad blood : I think there should be no bad blood between our leaders.
Hard and fast : There is no hard and fast rule for being a member of our club.
Get rid of : What should we do to get rid of population explosion?
Catch sight of : I caught sight of her at the play.
Make up one’s mind : I have made up my mind to join your birthday party at any cost.

Beggar description : The beauty of the lady beggars description.
A dark horse : We can’t rely on a dark horse for this important task.
Far and wide : His fame spread far and wide.
Well off : He comes of a well off family.
On the sly : I met her on the sly.
Skim through : I skim through the newspaper while taking tea in the morning.
In no time : He will come here in no time.

For the sake of : The valiant sons of this land sacrificed their lives for the sake of our motherland.
Make up one’s mind : I have made up my mind to start a business.
Of one’s own accord : He did the work of his own accord.
Beyond doubt : It is beyond doubt that he is an honest man.
Look after : Who looks after your garden?
Look after : My mother looks after our family.
Leave no stone unturned : He left no stone unturned to educate his children.
Take place : The accident took place near Farmgate.

Skim through : Don’t skim through your lessons, try to understand their inner meaning.
An irony of fate : It was an irony of fate that the boy lost his mother at such an early age.
The lion’s share : My brother holds the lion’s share of this property.
Bed of thorns : Life has becomes a bed of thorns for the day labourer.
Hard nut to crack : This very problem is really a hard nut to crack for me.
Scape goat : He was again made an scape goat by the authority.
Learn by heart : Have you learnt the lesson by heart?

Drop out : He has dropped out of active politics.
Look down upon : Don’t look down upon the poor.
On the instant : He confessed his guilt on the instant.
Beggar description : The beauty of the lady beggars description.
Black and blue : The boy was beaten black and blue.
Rainy day : Everyone should put by something for a rainy day.
Cut off : The village is cut off from the rest of the world.

A bone of contention : The land is a bone of contention between the two brothers.
A bed of roses : Life is not a bed of roses.
End in smoke : All his efforts ended in smoke.
Catch sight of : I caught sight of her at the play.
Commit something to memory : Students shouldn’t commit the lesson to memory without understanding.
Put up with : She cannot put up with her new roommate.
Black and blue : The boy was beaten black and blue.